Medrwn Mon

Most people think Agile can only function effectively in software development teams. We disagree.

In September, we started working with Medrwn Môn. The organisation exists to promote and support volunteering, voluntary and community organisations by working with individuals, groups and communities on Anglesey to ensure they play a full and prominent role in developing the potential of the Island.

In the wake of Covid-19, their landscape has shifted drastically. Our role has been to build capacity in working in an Agile way of working to help Medrwn Môn adapt to this changing landscape and to bring together board members, senior leaders and staff at the coal face to prioritise the changes they want to make to thrive in their new reality.

It’s remarkable the amount of progress the team have been able to make in as little as one sprint (two-weeks). When we asked Siân Purcell, Chief Officer of Medrwm Mon about her experience of this new way of working to date here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve been reading a lot about this Agile stuff, but now I’m doing it, I’ve felt a real shift in our ability to make quick progress”