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Our story.

Basis has been in business since 1993. We exist to help public services tackle messy problems.

Most of our team started life in the public sector. We’ve faced many of the challenges our clients continue to face on a daily basis.

We are driven to make the challenging moments in people's lives as positive as they can be and want to end the era of ‘slash and burn’ and ‘salami slicing’ in government.

We offer an alternative approach. We pioneered the use of Agile as a means of transforming services in the public sector. In the last 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of services to improve outcomes for real people, quickly.

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In the beginning

Where it started

Basis has been in business since 1993. The first iteration of the company focussed on supporting organisational development and enabling change across government. Basis version 1.0 had an impressive list of clients including a broad range of UK local authorities, the NHS and even NATO.


Working together

A brief merger

In 2014, Basis was acquired by RedQuadrant before being spun out again as a separate entity by Dennis Vergne and Matt Barnaby.

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New beginnings

Agile for services


While working together at RedQuadrant, Matt and Dennis had begun honing a new approach to tackling complex societal issues drawing on learning from the fields of Agile, Design Thinking, Lean and Adaptive Leadership. Basis was relaunched in 2016 with a mission to help public sector organisations tackle messy problems.

Awards and more

Improving and growing


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Since then we’ve honed our practice on real challenges in government, with national charities and with startups with a social purpose. We’ve grown the company in the UK, have opened an office in the EU and have been recognised two years in a row by our clients and peers as one of the Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants.

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Our team

Most of our team started out life in public service. What unites us is determination to have a positive impact through our work.

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