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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, organisations across the globe have been grappling with the challenge of enabling their teams to do great work online. For the most part, these efforts have failed. Employees the world over are burned out, are feeling lonely and are at loss with how to collaborate productively with their colleagues.

Fortunately for us, in 2019 we had opened an office in The Hague and realised early on we couldn’t keep travelling backwards and forwards for a quick coffee with a client or to run a one-off workshop. 

Matt was convinced our work could be just as impactful online as it was in the room. So, we started a bunch of conversations about how to do this stuff well, sought guidance from world leaders in virtual collaboration (thank you Judy Rees) and did a whole load of research and training on how to run dynamic and participative events online. 

By combining the use of facilitation techniques that promote participation with digital tools that enable collaboration our events are the antithesis to the ‘death by slides webinar. We have developed an approach that ensures people actively participate and enables groups of people, however large, to collaborate, share information and solve problems at least as effectively as if they were together in a room. 

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In the last year we have:

  • Facilitated countless online workshops with the public sector, charities and social impact organisations to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their communities and coordinate their response quickly
  • Designed and facilitated a global conference for the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action attended by over 500 delegates 
  • Designed and Facilitated a global conference for REN21, a think tank in the renewable energy space with attendance from 77 countries
  • Trained a range of organisation including UNESCO, the UN and UNICEF in how to run effective meetings, events and workshops online 

How we design great online events 

We don’t design great events alone. We design them with you. The secret to our consistent success is collaboration.

Regardless of whether you aspirate to run a workshop with a small group of people or to host a global conference with active participation, we start all our engagements with a co-design session with you. Together we develop a shared understanding of the context you are working within, the challenges you need to address and the outcomes you are trying to achieve. 

This understanding gives us the raw ingredients we need to have a ‘first stab’ at designing your event and to make early suggestions about the most appropriate platform and tools to use and the facilitation techniques to employ.  Rather than expecting to get this design ‘right first time’ we take a more iterative approach. By seeking your feedback at frequent intervals we improve the event design together. 

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If you need help designing your next event or want some advice on how to boost participation and engagement online we’d love to help

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“Specifically, Basis helped us design and facilitate a highly interactive and engaging Academy; sourcing and managing a platform that allowed for this, co-developing the agenda, leveraging their contacts to provide speakers and other experts like film production and live drawing, that made all the difference to the event”

Rana Adib, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Policy

Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

If you want to build your teams capacity in being able to design and run great online events for themselves and to do great work online, check out our training…

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