We’ve been working with Gwynedd Council for about a year to help them establish Community Resources Teams, Multi-Disciplinary Teams from Health and Social Care focussed on meeting the needs of vulnerable local people holistically.

Although the work was moving at pace, Covid-19 put a halt to lots of the development work happening within these team. In the meantime, we’ve been supporting the Transformation Team (who support the implementation of the programme in Gwynedd) to build capacity in being able to do great, impactful work online.

One of the practices we advocate on our training in online facilitation is to bring teams together at frequent intervals. In Basis we catch-up every morning and every evening to:

a) just be together and maintain the relationships we have despite no longer being co-located
b) share our goals for the day and pull in help from the team where this is needed
c) share our successes (and sometimes our failures) to maintain a sense of our own progress and also to learn.

Following our training, Meilys Smith, Community Transformation Programme Lead decided to start holding these sessions with her Team of Transformation Leads. Despite the initial apprehension about the time commitment required to maintain these sessions on an ongoing basis, when we spoke with Meilys earlier this week she told us just how much of an impact these sessions had for her and the team:

“I was struggling to keep connected with everyone and constant 121 meetings with individuals wasn’t creating the information-sharing opportunities I wanted. These sessions have helped us to stick together at a difficult time, to share information when it’s needed and ask for an offer help at frequent intervals. It’s been really beneficial”.