Dennis had the pleasure of discussing the recovery challenges of UK local authorities with the Times newspaper. The article, gets across the simple point: councils often are innovators and respond well to a crisis, but they do need more money.


“Some lazily assume public sector organisations are not agile enough to adapt in a crisis, but Basis, .. says the opposite is true… councils usually lead the way .. deploying new IT systems and services, and have years of experience in mobilising emergency community services.”

“Much like the NHS, councils have had to increase their spending to meet the rising needs of their service users during the pandemic,” says Vergne. “However, unlike the NHS, where many deficits have been written off by the government, local authorities are getting only partial compensation and are pushed further into the red.”

“It follows years of austerity that had already stretched council budgets to breaking point. “Some are facing second lockdowns and asking, ‘How do we do this? We need emergency money’,” Vergne concludes.”

Although The Times is behind a paywall, the article (p11) can also be found here: