children services hub

We are launching a new children’s services hub to meet the demand from clients for our innovative approach to ‘actionable change’. We know that designing and delivering services that enable children and young people to thrive is… tough.

While policymakers champion the efficacy of ‘evidence-based interventions’, anyone who works with children and families knows that trying to implement change when things aren’t going well, is difficult.

Basis is an improvement consultancy that specialises in co-delivering iterative, Agile change. Although we work across the public sector, we have always had a passion for working in children’s services. Many of us started out life as social workers and youth workers, but we don’t consider ourselves to have all the answers. Instead, we specialise in working with front-line teams to help them to understand the problems they are trying to address, to co-design solutions to those problems, and to make those solutions happen quickly.

People who work with children and families intuitively ‘get’ our approach. In much the same way as a social worker might test a range of interventions with a family before finding out ‘what works’, we test, iterate and then scale the improvements we make once we understand what works in practice. We never present a master plan and follow it through blindly.

“The service is on fire with energy after the hack event you ran with Early Help and Social Care. In the words of Queen “Don’t stop me now……….”  – Leah Arnold, Service Manager, Early Help

We’ve successfully led transformation projects social care, early help and in education, and in our role as Department for Education Improvement Advisers we have helped a wide range of children’s services departments to improve the quality of their services. We enjoy the breadth of our work in local government, but precisely because we care passionately about improving outcomes for children and families, we want to put more focus and energy into working in children’s services.

That’s why we’ve decided to set up a dedicated children’s services business unit to focus specifically on work in this sector. 

We’ll be holding a launch event on the evening of the 17th of June in Vauxhall for those who can make it. You can sign up on the Eventbrite page (numbers are limited).

It’ll the least ‘tough’ thing you’ll do all day.