Last year our clients could have quite easily asked us to ‘try again later’. They didn’t. We’re grateful that instead, they trusted us enough to ask us to dive into the trenches with them. 

Dealing with messy situations requires great (virtual) collaboration and a more adaptive and Agile approach. In the last four years, we’ve built trust and real relationships with our clients – they know that this is what we are good at. 

We are humbled that when it really mattered they asked us to help. And when chaos continues to reign we are so grateful that they even took the time to tell the Financial Times that we should be recognised as one of the top management consultants in the UK. 

In the last year, we’ve helped local authorities, national charities and NGOs make sense of the mess created by COVID-19. We’ve enabled thousands of people to collaborate and redesign their services for the chaotic environment they now find themselves operating within. And despite the barriers to participation we’ve made it possible for hundreds of real people, dealing with really shitty circumstances to have a meaningful role in shaping the services they access so that they continue to meet their needs.

Take for instance: 

  • The London Borough of Newham, where we helped to build an organisation called the Social Welfare Alliance so that voluntary and faith organisations work together with the council to better help the most vulnerable people in the community.
  • Gwynedd and Anglesey in north Wales where we supported the NHS and councils an integrated model of providing care in the community
  • The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action – who needed to bring Intergovernmental Organisations like UNHCR and UNICEF and different NGOs together to organise and collaborate better together in this crisis period. We helped over 400 people collaborate across organisational and geographical boundaries.

All of this work happened online, and if you asked us two years ago if we thought we could be as effective online as we are in person, we’d have probably laughed. But we worked really hard to earn the right to look at ourselves in the mirror and know that our work was as meaningful and impactful online as it was in the room. Your nomination lets us know that work was worthwhile. 

We are recognised as a leading consulting firm in all the categories that are relevant to us:

  • People & performance
  • Organisation & change
  • Public & social sector

Amazing. Thank you.