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Dispersed Working.

The global spread of COVID-19 has made it clear we all need a new skill set, tool set and mindset to be able to thrive remotely.

To improve our own practice and ensure we were able to continue to help teams deliver great work regardless of where they were based, we partnered with THE online facilitation experts, ReesMcCann.

ReesMcCann has over ten years of experience in helping organisations across the globe to successfully collaborate in a virtual environment. Pioneers in delivering online coaching, training and facilitation ReesMcCann has worked with a broad range of internationally recognisable organisations ranging from tech startups like Convert.com to global charities like Unicef.

As part of our partnership we are now able to offer a new programme of online training including:

dispersed working

Online Consulting and Facilitation

Remote meetings do not have to suck. This programme is designed to give delegates the tools they need to run remote meetings and workshops that have the power to motivate, engage and inspire. 

Getting Started Running Remote Agile Teams 

Communicating effectively, collaborating on shared problems and making consistent progress as a team can be tough when you rarely meet in person. This programme is designed to help teams discover what good online collaboration looks like for them and to put in place the structure they need to do great work regardless of where they are based. 

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Online Impact Sprints

Despite being dispersed, teams in the public sector are still grappling with messy problems on a daily basis. If anything, those problems are messier than ever. Building on our collaboration with ReesMcCann we are now running Impact Sprints online.

Our online Impact Sprints bring together dispersed teams to understand the problems they are facing. Through the use of online conferencing tools participants collaborate in small groups to design solutions to their challenges and test them with service users.

By using a tightly structured process and a range of creative online facilitation techniques, online Impact Sprints are designed to help teams make tangible progress quickly, without the need to be together in person.

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Online Agile Master in Public Services

Held over four half days the programme gives delegates a working knowledge of the underlying principles of Agile. These principles are embedded through a range of online interactive games and exercises. Applying their learning in a low-risk environment builds confidence and ensures delegates can apply the learning in their own work.

This is not a webinar! Although the session is delivered online, we refer to it as online, in person. Throughout the programme, delegates collaborate with their peers in small groups to wrestle with the course content and solve problems together.

In addition to covering the theory and practice of Agile, the training also covers a broad range of topics to enable teams to collaborate effectively, do great work and make consistent progress in an online environment.

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